Sunday, February 12, 2006

*sigh* the learning curve

in studying "html for dummies", i have quickly realized that it behooves me to study the most recent version of that book. so many things hadn't even been discovered/invented at the time of that book...IMPORTANT things like google, windows xp, w3c, xhtml, css. so it's tough enough for me to catch up to everyone i know who has been studying all this for 10 years. the last thing i need is to have to try to figure out or guess which parts of the book don't apply anymore. it's just something i'm not really capable of accurately doing, at my level of incompetence.

so i bought the new one and i'm starting my studies of html all over again. i feel much better about it though, because i know that at the end of this book i won't have a 1997 understanding of the subject.

on a separate note, i've just discovered my new favourite blog. Enter the Gaping Void site to see all the awesomeness. he creates amazing illustrations on the backs of business cards, or mostly on the backs of business cards, he's a wonderful writer, and his humour is brilliant. i've posted one of his illustrations below. if you've any intelligence or appreciation of wit to speak of, i'm sure you'll love him and his creations as much as i do.


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