Tuesday, April 04, 2006


OK my lovelies...I have officially moved myself and my sarcastic posts, illustrations and random musings to stylegoddess.com. That's my new blog...SOOON to be vblog. So stay tuned. MUAH!!! XO

Friday, February 24, 2006

drexel's universe of whatever: one step closer to standardista

drexel's universe of whatever: one step closer to standardista

one step closer to standardista

in the past 2 months all i've done, aside from work my ass off during the day, is study an xhtml book and start creating web pages in my groovy text editor, studied a bit of css, w3c articles, technological advances from reading my favourite blogs, and investigated all the things i want to know more about and be smart about: technorati, WordPress, marketing, bluehost, furl, cpanel.

yesterday i learned how to take my domain name and have it point to a different name server. at the moment i just want to learn about design and code, but it looks like i have to learn SOME of the server side of life in order to get my site up. so fine. i realize i can't know EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW. but god damn, i'm trying.

there are standards and i want them met, damn it.

my own web design company is improving daily. we're finally redesigning our site, and i'm being very strict about how it's done. i want xhtml 1.0 strict if possible. i want the whole thing done in css. i want validators, i want to be able to say we're "next gen web design" and mean it. there didn't used to be an ideal scene, but now there is, and i want our company to approach it closer and closer every day. i don't care to be snobby about it really. just want to be able to be proud of my company, proud of my own website, proud of what we do here. i want to hold my head up high. if any of the people whose blogs i read daily see my site, or my company's site, or any of the sites we create for others, i want them to approve. not that i'm seeking approval, but i feel they do represent current web standards. so i think to myself, "what would eric meyer think?" or "what would david shea think" or "what would molly think?" and if i know they'd disapprove, then i change it. simple. there will always be some beings on this planet that are greater than others. why not try to emulate their greatness?

Friday, February 17, 2006

Guinness Blog Doomed from the Start?

Hugh mentioned the new Guinness blog yesterday. And oh the comments. I'm beyond entertained by it all. You can't apparently complete the sign up procedure if you don't live in Great Britain. There is a mile-long list of countries in a pull-down menu, in fact EVERY country of earth EXCEPT the US, to choose from. Now that list is practically meaningless since it won't let you in pretty much no matter WHAT country you say you're from, but the fact that it doesn't even put the US in the list is weird, to say the least. I barely even drink anymore, but I have to say that a cup of coffee and that thread to read was all I needed to get me going this morning.

Note: I just went back and checked the blog. Now, after all those comments they've completely changed the site and now they don't offer the specific other countries just a general "other countries" option, so you can't actually see what countries they won't let in. That probably is smarter, but a bit too late for those of us who already saw it yesterday.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

*sigh* the learning curve

in studying "html for dummies", i have quickly realized that it behooves me to study the most recent version of that book. so many things hadn't even been discovered/invented at the time of that book...IMPORTANT things like google, windows xp, w3c, xhtml, css. so it's tough enough for me to catch up to everyone i know who has been studying all this for 10 years. the last thing i need is to have to try to figure out or guess which parts of the book don't apply anymore. it's just something i'm not really capable of accurately doing, at my level of incompetence.

so i bought the new one and i'm starting my studies of html all over again. i feel much better about it though, because i know that at the end of this book i won't have a 1997 understanding of the subject.

on a separate note, i've just discovered my new favourite blog. Enter the Gaping Void site to see all the awesomeness. he creates amazing illustrations on the backs of business cards, or mostly on the backs of business cards, he's a wonderful writer, and his humour is brilliant. i've posted one of his illustrations below. if you've any intelligence or appreciation of wit to speak of, i'm sure you'll love him and his creations as much as i do.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

whoa i don't know WHAT i'm doing

i've just created this blog as a test. i'm getting a blog for someone else and i wanted to see how it worked. neat. only prob so far is that i accidentally picked the wrong template. hopefully i'll be able to change that.