Friday, February 24, 2006

one step closer to standardista

in the past 2 months all i've done, aside from work my ass off during the day, is study an xhtml book and start creating web pages in my groovy text editor, studied a bit of css, w3c articles, technological advances from reading my favourite blogs, and investigated all the things i want to know more about and be smart about: technorati, WordPress, marketing, bluehost, furl, cpanel.

yesterday i learned how to take my domain name and have it point to a different name server. at the moment i just want to learn about design and code, but it looks like i have to learn SOME of the server side of life in order to get my site up. so fine. i realize i can't know EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW. but god damn, i'm trying.

there are standards and i want them met, damn it.

my own web design company is improving daily. we're finally redesigning our site, and i'm being very strict about how it's done. i want xhtml 1.0 strict if possible. i want the whole thing done in css. i want validators, i want to be able to say we're "next gen web design" and mean it. there didn't used to be an ideal scene, but now there is, and i want our company to approach it closer and closer every day. i don't care to be snobby about it really. just want to be able to be proud of my company, proud of my own website, proud of what we do here. i want to hold my head up high. if any of the people whose blogs i read daily see my site, or my company's site, or any of the sites we create for others, i want them to approve. not that i'm seeking approval, but i feel they do represent current web standards. so i think to myself, "what would eric meyer think?" or "what would david shea think" or "what would molly think?" and if i know they'd disapprove, then i change it. simple. there will always be some beings on this planet that are greater than others. why not try to emulate their greatness?


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