Friday, February 17, 2006

Guinness Blog Doomed from the Start?

Hugh mentioned the new Guinness blog yesterday. And oh the comments. I'm beyond entertained by it all. You can't apparently complete the sign up procedure if you don't live in Great Britain. There is a mile-long list of countries in a pull-down menu, in fact EVERY country of earth EXCEPT the US, to choose from. Now that list is practically meaningless since it won't let you in pretty much no matter WHAT country you say you're from, but the fact that it doesn't even put the US in the list is weird, to say the least. I barely even drink anymore, but I have to say that a cup of coffee and that thread to read was all I needed to get me going this morning.

Note: I just went back and checked the blog. Now, after all those comments they've completely changed the site and now they don't offer the specific other countries just a general "other countries" option, so you can't actually see what countries they won't let in. That probably is smarter, but a bit too late for those of us who already saw it yesterday.


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